Shirts and Shoes Not Required (Summer Share Series) by Todd Strasser

In Shirts and Shoes Not Required by Todd Strasser a group of strangers move into a house for the summer in the Jersey Shore. There’s Avery, who only wants to spend a romantic summer with her boyfriend Curt. Curt on the other hand, just wants to get a gig and make his band something he can invest in for his future. Then there’s Polly, who wants to loosen up and have some fun. There are four other characters who are all looking for something out of the summer.

OUR RATING: 1 out of 5 confusing stars

Okay we hate to give any book 1 lonely star, but with this book we couldn’t help it. Tell us if you’ve heard this story before, “This a is story of 7 strangers picked to live in a….” We really felt like we were watching an episode of The Real World in the Jersey Shore. We kept hoping someone from the Jersey Shore would show up to wake us up. Biggest issue we had with this book was it had way too many points of view. Each house member took over the story at random times without warning. Every time the story started getting good, the author would change the point of view to another character that was not involved in the plot at the moment. It was as if the author didn’t know how to resolve the climax that was happening, so instead would switch over to another character. It was way too confusing. We had to keep re-reading paragraphs to see who was telling the story.

Go watch an old episode of The Real World or the Jersey Shore and skip this book.



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