Hold on Tight by Maria E. Monteiro

Hold on Tight by Maria E. Monteiro is a story about a girl named Emma who has just gone through a tragic loss. The book starts off at the end of her sophomore year. She is in a new relationship with Court, and is about to start her job at an amusement park named Fairland Park. It is at this park that she meets Nash, who turns her world upside down. She begins to battle her heart to see which boy she wants to be with. Making a choice is only the beginning of this story.

OUR RATING: 5 out 5 mind twisting stars

All four of us at Forever YA Fiction could not wait to read this book after watching her book trailer on YouTube. We are all suckers for a love triangle. We could not put this book down, and constantly kept calling each other to share our thoughts. We instantly fell in love with Court and were rooting for him, until we got to know Nash. All the sudden our hearts were split in two. We felt as if we were on an emotional roller coaster. It brought us back to being a teenager and feeling intense emotions that only teens can feel. Oh who are we kidding, so can many adults. Some of us even needed a box of tissues. Maria does a great job playing with your heart-strings. We can’t wait for the squeal.

So grab yourself a bowl of ice cream and read Hold on Tight



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