His Kiss by Melanie Marks

His Kiss by Melanie Marks is the story about Ally, who happens to have her perfect life just right. Until one day when she is bribed by the bad boy Griffin to kiss him to save her boyfriend out. After that kiss Ally’s world turns upside down. All she can think about is the kiss and Griffin’s lips. She begins to obsess over “The Griff,” and even leaves him anonymous gifts. She needs to fight her inner battles to see if she should be with the bad boy.

Our Rating: 3 out 5 kissing stars

We thought this book was cute. It is what a lot of teen girls go through when dealing with someone they like (we are not too sure about the anonymous gifts, that was a little spooky.) We loved Griffin, he was well developed and had our hearts beating fast. On the other hand, we found ourselves annoyed with Ally. She was just a bit too insecure. Even when it was more than obvious that Griffin liked her, she was second guessing his feelings. This drove us crazy. We also did not like the ending, it seemed rushed.

So If you are looking for a quick cute read, pick up His Kiss by Melanie Marks.



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