A Strange Fire by L.H Cosway

A Strange Fire by L.H Cosway is about a girl named Florence, who moves in with her almost blind grandmother and away from her drug addict abusive father. Flo enters a new school where her shyness and anxiety causes her to have a stammer. Flo has a special talent which is to see people’s different auras. At school she makes new friends, and enemies that take pleasure in making fun of her stammer. She also meets Frank who’s aura happens to be bright fiery orange, which shes never seen before. He shares this color with his adopted brothers. On top of all this Florence constantly feels like she’s being watched by evilness.

Our rating: 5 out 5 aura filled stars

A twitter friend suggested we read this book, and since we loved her last suggestion we decided to give it a try. We all loved this book! We were pulled in from the very first page. Flo is an amazing character, and the relationship she builds with Frank made us all fall in love with him. Flo seems to be weak but in her own way she finds the inner strength to fight everything that is thrown at her, making her a stronger person. This book is an amazing read that you will not want to put down.

So, aline your aura and read A Strange Fire.



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