Our Boyfriends for the Month of May

April 30 to May 6


Our first boyfriend for this month is Doug from Forget You by Jennifer Echols. Doug at first seems like the bad boy we should all stay away from, but pretty soon we get to see his soft side. How can you not fall for a guy with long lashes and a swimmer’s body. He is strong and vulnerable at the same time. If we ever lose our memory we hope we have someone like Doug to help us remember.

May 7 to May 13


Our boyfriend for the 2nd week of May is flienne St. Claire from Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. St. Claire might be short and have a girlfriend when Anna meets him but he still drives us wild. He’s a good friend, has good taste in music, and likes to go to the movies. What more do we have to say. It’s all the little things he does for Anna that makes our heart jump. He’s irresistible. Besides who doesn’t love a guy with an English accent.

May 14 to May 20


Our new boyfriend of the week is Court from Hold on Tight by Maria E. Monteiro. Yes Court is the rich popular golden boy, but that’s not why we love him. He is kind and will go out of his way to get you tickets to see your favorite band. He’s also the type that will notice you when no one else has. He wants to spend all his time with you. Court is to die for and he’ll treat you like gold. If you haven’t read about Court yet you must!

May 21 to May 27


Our new boyfriend of the week is Marcus from Second Helpings by Megan McCafferty. He is the bad boy gone good who will wear T-shirts with funny sayings that only you will get. He knows exactly the perfect gift to get you, and will sacrifice his happiness to make sure you’re happy. He’s smart, funny, and caring. Everything you can want in a guy. But if you want to get to know Marcus we suggest you read Sloppy Firsts, 1st.

May 28 to June 3


Our last boyfriend for the month of May is Parker from Cross My Heart by Katie Klein. He’s the loner bad boy type that is hiding a secrete. He’s the perfect person to do your English project with. He’ll sneak up to your room and stop you before things can go too far. Parker is the bad boy you want to save, but then find out he’s actually saving you. And even after you find out his secrete you’ll forgive him because you’ve realized he’s captured your heart.


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