Our Boyfriends for the Month of June

June 4 to June 10

Our first boyfriend for the month of June is Adam from The Boys Next Door and Endless Summer by Jennifer Echols. Adam may have ADD but it won’t get in the way when you are falling in love with him. He will take you to drive in the mud pits on a date and carry you on his back so you won’t get your shoes dirty. He will spray paint your name on the bridge under his, and run in the woods just to spend time with you. Adam is the kind of guy that will set off fireworks in your heart. He might get you mad at times, but he’ll quickly make it easy for you to forgive him. Get to know Adam, you won’t be sorry.

June 11 to June 17


A couple of weeks ago we picked Court to be our boyfriend of the week and some of us were very upset since we’re team Nash. So to make things nice we have picked Nash from Hold on Tight by Maria E. Monteiro to be our new boyfriend of the week. Nash is the bad boy who makes your heart beat a little faster. He drives a motorcycle and a pick-up truck. He’s the kind of guy that can get you into concerts and makes sure you have a memorable time. Nash is the type of guy who can cook and draw. He’ll take you to his own private paradise in the mountains of the Catskills. His crooked smile will drive you wild, and his golden green eyes will make the butterflies in your stomach do the conga line. If you don’t know who Nash is read Hold on Tight to decide whether you’re team Nash or team Court.

June 18 to June 24


Our new boyfriend of the week is Frank from A Strange by L.H. Cosway. Frank is hot with a capital H. He’s the mysterious bad boy with a big heart. He will stand up for you even if he doesn’t really know you. He also likes you exactly the way you are, even if you stutter. He will want to protect you and make sure no one hurts you. Frank will respect you, and will support your wishes to take things slow. To top things off his aura is amazing. If you haven’t fallen in love with Frank yet you must read A Strange Fire.

June 25 to July 1


Our last boyfriend for the month of June is Russ from Lovestruck Summer by Melissa Walker. He’s a sexy cowboy with a Texas twang. Sure he might be a frat guy but he knows so much about music he will blow your mind. He will actually teach you to love country music. Russ will make you a mixed CD and take you out for a great burger. He might have an ex-girlfriend he’s still trying to get over, but he’ll devote himself to you once you let him. He’ll take you to the famous bridge in Austin to watch the bats fly out, and make sure to bring an umbrella so no yucky stuff falls on you. Russ is amazing, funny, and kind. He will make you smile. Besides who can’t resist a guy in cowboy boots.


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