Heart Waves by Danielle Sibarium

Story: Jenna can sense people’s future or personal information by touching one of their belongings. When Jenna meets Reece she touches his ring and informs him he’s going to break her heart. Jenna tries to resist him, but before she knows it she is falling for him. They spend the whole summer together sharing very special moments. But Jenna cannot stop thinking about her prediction making it hard to trust him.The summer days soon turn into fall and Jenna soon finds out her first prediction is only the beginning.

Our rating: 5 out of 5 unpredictable stars

Review: Once again Danielle writes a book that sucks you right in. Each of us agreed once we started this book we couldn’t put it down. Our hearts were in our throat as we waited to see how Reece would break Jenna’s heart. The more we read the more we fell in love with him, and just as Jenna we began to fear the heartache that was coming.The romance between Jenna and Reece is so sweet that you find yourself rooting for them, and hoping her prediction is wrong. Twist and turns towards the end of the book does an excellent job to prepare you for the sequel, which we can’t wait for. This is a perfect book for the summer, trust us.

So sit by the pool and read Heart Waves



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