Random Family by Adrian Nicole LeBlanc

Story: For almost ten years the journalist Adrian followed two teen girls in the Bronx: Jessica a nineteen year old flirt and Coco a fourteen year old romantic. Adrian follows these two girls through their struggles with living in poverty, dating men who lead criminal lives, having children at a young age, being locked-up, being homeless, and dealing with abuse from when they were children to having their own children be abused. It’s a real look at what life is like in the ghetto.

Our Rating: 5 out of 5 eye-opening stars

Review: We were told about this book by Sarah’s mom a few years ago and have been begged to read it ever since. We finally broke down and can’t thank her enough. Reading it felt as if we were a fly on the wall witnessing these real people live their, at times, very sad life. Both girls struggle with the same thing most teen do, but with the mentality of being part of the tough streets. It broke our hearts how these girl thinking process worked. The teen girls and their mothers live for their men, and even put them before their own children. Adrian does an amazing job showing how this vicious cycle works and continues with even Coco’s and Jessica children. It’s also sad to see how drugs really do effect how a family functions. Coco really broke our hearts. It seemed like every time she tried to better herself something would happen that would shatter any hope of a better life. We wanted to go find her and help her achieve the better life she wants. This book shocked us, made us mad, made us sad, but most of all it opened up our eyes to a life that’s right in our backyard which we didn’t really know. We feel like this book changed our lives in a way, and has also made us appreciate what we have.

So turn off the fake reality shows and read Random Family.



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