The Day Zombies Ruin My Perfectly Boring Life by Jen Naumann

Story: Emma lives in a quite small rural American town. She finds her life there has been pretty boring until she comes home after a night of senior pranks to find a zombie in her own backyard. Now Emma along with her best friend Finn and a group of teens are trying to survive a zombie invasion. Emma learns the truth about Finn’s mother and what’s her connection to the zombies. Also, Emma and all her new friends will uncover why the zombie invasion is happening.

Our rating: 5 out of 5 undead stars

Review: We are not really into Zombies but this book has changed it all. We fell in love with the main character Emma from page one. She is one of funniest characters we’ve ever met in a book. She has some of the funniest one-liners we’ve have read in a long time. The Day Zombies Ruin My Perfectly Boring Life has it all. We found ourselves laughing out loud, falling in love, shocked, fearful for what would happen next, and even shedding a tear. Each character is so well developed and brings their own personal gem to this amazing story. Trust us when we say this book is a must read!!!! You won’t be sorry, even if you are not A zombie fan.

So turn your nite-light on and read The Day Zombies Ruined My Perfectly Boring Life



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