Our Boyfriends for the Month of July

July 2 to July 8


Alex is the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks. He’s everything you should stay away from but everything you want. He knows how to kiss you just right that you’ll feel it in your knees. He’ll take you to places you were too scared to go. Alex will treat your sister right no matter what is wrong with her. He’s the kind of guy you want to save, but somehow he’ll end up saving you. Sure he’ll drive you crazy with his pride, but he’ll also drive you crazy with his looks. Alex is the bad boy who turns out to be really good.

July 9 to July 15


He was our very first boyfriend of the week and now Phillip is back as our boyfriend of the week from the book That Wedding by Jillian Dodd. Phillip is the type of guy who will ask you to marry him on your very first date with the ring you’ve designed yourself. He’ll even plan the engagement party that comes right after. He’s the type of guy who helps you make your dream job a reality. He will hold you when you need him to, and make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. Phillip will love you for who you are with all your faults and moment of craziness. Fall in love with Phillip all over again.

July 16 to July 22


Our new boyfriend of the week is Reece from Heart Waves by Danielle Sibarium. Reece is the type of guy you won’t scare off with a prediction of him breaking your heart. He will save you at a carnival if a creepy guy is trying to get too pushy on you. He will take you to Six Flags on your first date and make it easier to ride the scary roller coaster. He will spend time with your parents just to show them he can be trusted. Reece will make you smile, and give you goose bumps all over when he kisses your neck. He will make you love him, no matter what secrete he could be hiding. Reece will make you forget all the guys who ignored you in the past and the guys who are paying attention to you now. Reece is the type of guy you want to spend everyday with. You don’t believe us? Then check out Heart Waves and fall in love with Reece too.

July 23 to July 29


Our last boyfriend for the month of July is Dimitri from Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. He will teach you how to fight the strigoi and help take care of your best friend. He will look at you in a way that will make your whole body shake. Dimitri will make it hard for you to love him since he is so strict on following the rules, but somehow you will still want him for more than a mentor. Dimitri is beautiful with the perfect abs to match. He is the type of guy you will risk your life for. The type of guy that will make you realize how much you can love a person.


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