Such a Rush by Jennifer Echols

Story: Leah Jones is from the other side of the tracks, a trailer park to be precise. She has an absentee mother, who prefers criminal boyfriends than being a mother to Leah. At school Leah has been labeled “Trailer Trash” by her classmates. Leah escapes her reality by learning how to fly airplanes. Up in the sky Leah experiences a rush she has never experienced before, and after one flight she is hooked. By the time she enters high school Leah has become such a great pilot that Mr. Hall offers her a job to fly the banners. Leah’s dream is becoming a reality until Mr. Hall suddenly dies leaving his business to his teenage sons: the golden boy Alec and the bad boy Grayson. Leah now has to deal with working with the twin brothers to save the business while dealing with the crush she’s had on Grayson. She also has to deal with the attraction she is feeling for Alec after accepting to date him when Grayson holds a secret over her head. They will all learn what heartache is when the truth comes out.

Our rating: 5 out of 5 flying stars.

Review: This is another book that proves why Jennifer Echols is one of our favorite authors. We loved Leah and how strong she is. She’s smart, witty, and doesn’t put up with anyone’s garbage. One can see that Leah’s strength comes from everything she’s had to put up with in her life, which includes taking care of things her selfish mother should. Grayson was not our favorite character at first but then we fell head over heals for him. Alec can also at times get annoying but you forgive him and also fall in love with him. Jennifer always does a great job writing different protagonists we can fall in love with. This book also made us fall in love with the art of flying. Jennifer describes it so well you begin to believe you are becoming an expert on flying. Such a Rush has it all: a strong female character, two hot twin brothers, and a love story that will have your heart beating faster.

So pin on your airplane wings and read Such a Rush


**We received this book for free by the author. We were not bribed or paid in any way for this review. **


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