The Domino Effect by Andrew Cotto

Story: Danny Rorro is an Italian American kid growing up in Queens NY. He is influenced by his neighborhood and their racist views that cause him to do something he shouldn’t. After a talk with his father he realizes he should help people and fight for what’s right. Unfortunately, this advice gets him into trouble and leaves Danny angry and sad. His parents decide to send him to a boarding school, The Hamden Academy, where he falls in love, learns about betrayal, and how to stand up for what’s right.

Our rating: 5 out of 5 coming of age stars

Review: This book is beautifully written. Each page is filled with richness to make the reader not want to put the book down. Andrew Cotto does a great job combining humor, excitement, and tragedy to develop Danny’s growth, which is 100% believable. Being from New York Danny’s Italian, street wise voice was perfect and reminded us of many people we grew up with. Danny as a teenager knows what’s right but only thinks of himself, which honestly most of us felt when we were growing up. By the end of the book we see the growth Danny takes physically, emotionally and mentally. Andrew perfectly touches upon so many topics that many teenagers deal with today: bulling, racism, rape, and the relationship we develop with our parents as we grow up. This book is a quick read, we all read it in a day, but it is filled with enough twist and turns to keep you entertained and emotionally invested.

So find and cozy spot and read The Domino Effect.


**We received this book for free by the author. We were not bribed or paid in any way for this review. **

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