Our Boyfriends for the Month of September

September 3rd to 9th


We are back and our first boyfriend of the week for September is Cooper Marriatti from One Night That Changes Everything by Lauren Barnholdt. Sure he might be the reason you have to do a list of things to get your journal back, but his willing to help you makes it easy to love him. He’ll open up to you and let you know there’s more to him than a bad boy. He will help you out when your friends don’t. Cooper may start off as a jerk with idiot friends but he ends up being the guy you can trust to keep you save. It also helps that he’s a good kisser and is 100% hot.

September 10th to 16th


Our new boyfriend of the week is Jordan from For Always by Danielle Sibarium. Jordan is the type of guy that will start off as your friend. When he knows he’s too old for you he won’t try to take it any further than a friendship. Jordan doesn’t care if you’re the most popular girl in school or the prettiest. He will be there for you when you really need him. He understands you in a way no one else does. And when things do go bad he will be able to forgive you and himself to find happiness to be with you. Jordan is worth falling in love with. You don’t believe us, then read For Always to see how you feel about him.

September 17th to 23rd


Our new boyfriend of the week is Drew from Major Crush by Jennifer Echols. Drew might be dating another girl, who happens to be a twin, when you meet him but the way he looks at you will still make your heart skip a beat or maybe a couple beats. Drew won’t be thrilled to be a co-drum major with you but he’ll still work with you to be the best co-drum major out there. As much as you want to hate him you just won’t be able to. He’s not only gorgeous but also sensitive the perfect combination. He will listen to you complain about your parents and share his secretes with you. Drew is the kind of guy you can fall deeply in love with. Besides who can’t resist a guy that will make out with you on a tractor?

September 24th to 30th


Our last boyfriend of the week for September is Lucas from Easy by Tammara Webber. Lucas is drool worthy. He’s the type of guy you hope is close by if you’re being attacked. He’s not only hot but also very smart. It’s everything we girls want: a hot man with a brain. He likes to fight for all the right thing. He’s made some mistakes in high school but is redeeming himself in college. He’s the type of guy who although has been through a lot of horrible experiences does not let them control his life. He wants to make sure to enjoy every moment in life. And oh boy would we love to enjoy them with him. Lucas will make you want to transfer to whatever college he’s attending. How we wish he would have gone to our school. Get to know Lucas, you won’t regret it.


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