Cover Reveal: Letting Go by Maria E. Monteiro

When we first saw the book trailer for Hold on Tight we knew we were going to fall in love with this story. We were so right. We can’t resist a YA romance with a love triangle that makes you fall in love with both guys (we are still arguing over who Emma should pick). If you haven’t read it yet, you must. Now we are excited to bring you the book cover for the sequel for Hold on Tight, Letting Go.


With her heart once again spilt in two, Emma will have to decide weather she wants her friendship with Court to become something more, or give Nash another chance.

She will start her junior year with her mind and heart in conflict.

However, Emma will finally choose and falling in love again will be easy. But staying together will be difficult when past mistakes are exposed. Will they be able to let go? Or will they hold on to the past destroying everything they have? Emma’s life will never be the same when everyone’s hidden secrets are revealed.

Also from Maria E. Monterio

 which soon will look like this 



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