Mystic Embrace: Embrace Series (Volume 3) by Charlotte Blackwell

Official Book Description: Ebony Triggs and her sister have accepted their birthright to be the magnificent ones, protectors of the innocent. They have been working on improving their magickal powers with the help of close friends the Pierce family. Ebony and Eliza have been working hard, with one common goal in mind, destroying the demon that killed their parents sixteen years ago. Will they ever find him and succeed at destroying him or will fighting evil become a daily occurrence for the sisters? Entering her senior year of high school, Ebony already has more than most teens on her plate, but when things continue to change in her life she must rely on her immortal friends, the Pierce’s to help get her through. Ebony and her boyfriend Matt like most teens are looking at the future and what will happen after life in high school. But when plans change will they be faced with even bigger issues?
Ebony soon realizes that the Pierce’s and her close friends will need her as much as she needs them. She thought learning of her mystical powers was the greatest test of her life, but it was only just the beginning.

Our rating: 4 out of 5 magical stars

Review: This book is told from Ebony’s point of view rather than Sophia’s, who happens to be her best friend. We hadn’t read the other two books when the author told us about this story. We decided to read the other two first to give this book it’s proper review. We were hooked from the first book Immortal Embrace and couldn’t wait to read the next.Mystic Embrace is fantastically written.The author knows exactly how to keep you hooked and wanting to continue reading. From page one we were put on a roller coaster of emotions. One minute we were laughing and the next crying. The twist and turns, which we will not reveal, kept us on the edge of our seats. We also love how the paranormal element is mixed with the lives of teenagers, who are dealing with the same issues any other teen would deal with. Ebony is a wonderfully written. You can feel her joy and pain. This book is much more than witches, vampires, and demons; it’s a story that can really touch your heart. The whole Embrace series is amazing and we cannot wait to read the next one, which by the way is already out and on our to-read list.

So after you are done preparing for Halloween find a quite spot and read Mystic Embrace



**We received this book for free by the author. We were not bribed or paid in any way for this review. **


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