Our Books of the Week for the Month of October


Why We Picked It:

Falling in love for the first time is so sweet and so painful. This was one of those books once we began to read we couldn’t put it down. It’s a cute story that will win your heart from page one.


Why We Picked It:

One word: Parker. Okay here are more words: The character are really well developed that you forget they are made-up. The twist at the end of the book takes you for a whirl wind. Now back to Parker, he makes you want to save him, love him, and want to go find him in really life. An amazing book with a great ending.


Why we picked it:

Just from the description we knew we were going to fall in love with this book and boy were we right. Danielle knows exactly how to write an intimate moment that makes you feel like you are a fly on the wall. And don’t even get us started on Reece. It’s been a while since we have fallen for a character this hard. We all wish he was real so we can safe him and make him ours. If you haven’t read this book you must. It a is a beautiful and at times painful love story.


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