Our Boyfriends for the Month of October

October 1st to 7th


Our first boyfriend of the week for October is Wes from The Truth about Forever by Sarah Dessen. Wes can easily be the guy of your dreams. Okay, so he served time, but it wasn’t for anything big. Wes is the type of guy that can be series one moment and goofy the very next moment. He’ll become your best friend first. Wes will know almost everything about you, since his favorite game is truth. Wes will hold your hand when you need him to, and will make you realize the boyfriend you do have is a total jerk. We love Wes, but who doesn’t love the artsy type that can make garbage into beautiful art?

October 8th to 14th


Our new boyfriend of the week is Derek from Epic Fail by Claire LaZebnik. Derek might be the son of celebrity parents, but this hasn’t stopped him from being a normal teenage boy. He’s good to his friends and very protective of his sister. He even will do anything for his parents, who have not always been good parents. He is hot with a capital H. We know he can be arrogant at times, okay a lot of the time, but he is also oh-so-lovable. Okay, you might have to wait till almost the end of the book to fall in love with Derek, but once you do you’ll be thinking about him for days.

October 15th to 21st


Our new boyfriend of the week is Sebastian from What A Boy Wants by Nyrae Dawn. Sebastian is the type of guy that can teach how to reel a guy in (AKA: The Hook-up Doctor.) Sebastian might think he’s God gift to girls, but he has a heart of gold when it come to his friends. He is very charming and will get inside your heart even if you don’t want him to. He might be afraid of love, but he’s not afraid to hug his mom. Sebastian may come off cocky but his heart will make you fall for him.

October 22 to 27th

Our boyfriend of the week is Chase from Chasing Nikki by Lacey Weatherfold. Yes Chase has issues, who wouldn’t after what he has gone through, but under his bad boy behavior he is a good boy at heart. His kisses will make your toes curl. He will teach you to believe in love again. And the end you will not only be saving him, but yourself too. Chase is the perfect guy you want chasing you. Besides, who doesn’t love a guy that carries your books for you? Get to know Chase, but make sure you have tissues near by, his story will make you cry.


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