Fallen Crest High by Tijan

Story: Mason and Logan Kade are two brothers who did their own thing. They were rich and expected to attend her school, Fallen Crest Academy. They chose public school and now Samantha has to live with them. The problem is that she doesn’t care at all: about them, about her friends, about her cheating boyfriend, or even about her parent’s divorce. But maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe change is a good thing.

Our rating 3 out of 5 drama filled stars

Review: Okay first we will admit this book was hard to put down, but it was also hard to follow. Many times we found ourselves lost. First of all there is Samantha, anything that can go wrong with her does. There were times we were rolling our eyes. Then there are the Kade brothers. We are not sure if we hated them or loved them. We felt like they got away with way too much. Okay we are hooked on Mason. Now for the good. We did like the how the characters had real traits to them, we love how they expressed their emotions to the circumstances, making it easy to relate to them in a way. We also like that the parents played a big part in this book. Many times YA authors forget their characters have parents. We didn’t mind the cursing or the explicit sex scenes, because in real life some teens curse and even have sex. This book is full of drama, which at times can be a little too much, but at the same time the author knows exactly how to hook you in to want to read the next book.

So if you’re in the mood for major drama curl up on the couch and read Fallen Crest High.



New Book Release: Letting Go by Maria E. Monteiro

Ever since we read Hold on Tight by Maria E. Monteiro we have been waiting for the sequel. We are finally going to get to find out who Emma will choose. Will it be Court or Nash? We are so excited to find out. No we really are, we have been jumping up and down since Maria informed us of the release day. Our wait is finally over because today Letting Go is officially being released. If you’ve read Hold on Tight make sure to pick up the sequel Letting Go. If you haven’t make sure you pick up both books.


With her heart once again spilt in two, Emma will have to decide whether she wants her friendship with Court to become something more, or give Nash another chance. She will start her junior year with her mind and heart in conflict. However, Emma will finally choose and falling in love again will be easy. But staying together will be difficult when past mistakes are exposed. Will they be able to let go? Or will they hold on to the past destroying everything they have? Emma’s life will never be the same when everyone’s hidden secrets are revealed.

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An Interview with Jenna from Heart Waves by Danielle Sibarium

What if you could get the chance to interview one of the characters from one of your favorite books? We got that chance! We are so excited to bring you an interview with Jenna from the book Heart Waves by Danielle Sibarium. We are also excited to tell you Danielle has offered to give one lucky reader a copy of Heart Waves. So please comment below by December 20th to win. We hope you enjoy getting to know Jenna.

Girl holding bouquet of flowers


When did you first become aware of your special gift?

Forever I guess. I always sort of knew things. I had feelings about people. If I really concentrated I could pick a winning horse or lottery numbers just before they were drawn, but I always doubted myself.  My mother used to say it was just instinct. I bought into that for a while, even though my instinct was almost always dead on. It wasn’t until I was part of a study group in my junior year of high school that I realized I could pick up information about people from the energy they left on ordinary objects like pens or bracelets.

Do you like having your gift? What are some pros, and what are some cons?

I liked having my gift more before I let people know about it. Now I’m always getting asked to give readings. Especially at parties. And then some idiot will ask me what they’re thinking, like I’m supposed to be able to read their minds. As far as the pros and cons, the biggest pro is I get a pretty good sense of who I could trust. I know when someone is hiding something, though I don’t know what it is they’re hiding.  I think there are more cons than pros though. It’s not fun knowing something bad is going to happen but not exactly what it is or how to stop it. Like with Reece. That, and getting headaches. I get killer migraines when I spend too much time giving readings.

What was your first impression of Reece?

Wow, my first impression of Reece . . . *Smiles dreamily* He was just so overwhelming. In every way. The moment I heard his voice, everything else around me disappeared. And when he touched me, the heat and electricity that surged through my body . . . I never felt anything like that before. It scared me. No, it terrified me.  To feel such an intense connection to someone I’d only just met. And when our eyes met, he looked so good! I could’ve sat and spoken to him all night.  He really sent me into a panic.

Why is it after getting of vision of Reece breaking your heart do you still agree to go with him?

Do you believe in love at first sight? That’s what it was with him. When he spoke, when he touched me, it was as if half my heart dissolved through the pores in my skin, and was transferred into his. He not only held my heart, he owned it. Even still, I did try to resist him, until I saw him walking with another girl. It crushed me. I could barely breathe when I saw them together on the boardwalk.

What is it about Reece you love so much?

Everything! It’s not because he’s gorgeous, even though he is. It’s not because he sets me on fire with every touch. It’s because of who he is. He’s sweet, and kind, and smart. He’s the first guy that ever had more than a three line conversation with me. Yes he flirted, but he was actually talking to me, not just feeding me lines and trying to grope me. And he’s my superhero. *sigh* He’s always trying to help someone, or save them, even if it’s from themselves.

What do you think of his parents?

I don’t know yet. Diane and Howie seem amazing. I mean they raised two incredible boys, Reece and his brother Aaron. Aaron is funny, he’s like a Reece in training. So I think they have to be wonderful.  But I have this sinking suspicion that his mother doesn’t like me. And  I don’t how to go about changing that.

What do you think of Tyler?

Tyler is a tough one. I didn’t like him at all the first time I met him. He had this dark, murky aura about him. He seemed really dangerous and angry. I don’t blame him for that entirely, he did lose his mother, and according to Reece his father just left him hanging in the wind. He and Reece seem to have this intense rivalry though, and I don’t know why. But there’s more to Tyler. I’ve seen this whole other side to him. This sweet compassionate side he doesn’t want people to know about.  And I think he really is looking out for Reece. Then again, maybe my first impression was right. But I do know this; I’ll see more of Tyler in the future!

What do you think the future holds for your relationship with Reece?

Honestly, I’m really scared. I’ve never felt anything as strong as this omen of despair. I love Reece with my whole heart. And I’m trying hard to trust him. But something is going on. Even as we speak. I don’t know if he isn’t aware of it or doesn’t want to face it. But I try to cherish every moment we have together, all too aware each one may be our last.

We hoped you enjoyed our interview with Jenna. Don’t forget to comment below for your chance to win a copy of Heart Waves.

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Our Boyfriends for the Month of November

October 29th to November 2

In honor of Halloween this week our boyfriend of the week is Finn from The Day Zombies Ruined my Perfectly Boring Life by Jen Naumann. Finn is the type of guy that will carry you in his arms while zombies chase you. He’s your best friend, but you can quickly fall in love with him. He might have a jerk for a brother and secretes about his family, but his crooked smile will make you forget the end of the world is occurring. Finn will protect and fight along side you. He will hold you in his arms when you need him too and won’t think any less of you when you’ show up in “mom” jeans. He is amazing and will make your heart melt when it’s not full of fear. If you haven’t met Finn yet, you must. You will not only fall in love with him, but also all the other characters.


In honor of the 2nd part of Breaking Dawn coming to theaters we have picked Jacob from the book New Moon by Stephenie Meyer as our boyfriend of the week. Jacob is the type of guy that one minute will be your buddy and next minute be this totally hot babe with abs of steel. He will help you build a motor cycle , and go to a slasher film with you. He’s the type of guy who will always put you first and protect you from evil blood sucking vampires. He’s a hairy kind of guy that likes to howl at the moon. He also does have a jealous side, but that’s okay because when it’s really cold outside his body temperature will keep you nice and warm. This week we are all about team Jacob.


Our new boyfriend of the week is Edward from Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. Edward will give you the wedding of your dreams, and not to mention a hot car. You might end up all black and blue on your honeymoon night but Edward is so worth it. And yes the baby in your belly will grow with great speed, but after she’s born Edward will finally give you that bite you’ve been waiting for. Edward might be a cold dead blood sucking vampire, but he his warm heart will make you love him for eternity. It’s all about Team Edward this week.

Our Books of the Week for the Month of November


Why we picked it:

We love a good love triangle, and Hold on Tight gives us a perfect one. We love that Maria did not make it easy for the reader to really decide which boy is better for Emma by making one the bad choice. She gave both guys good and bad qualities, that they will make you love them just as much as Emma does. This book is the reason we love to read YA. It reminds us of being young again and feeling all those emotions when falling in love. The story made us laugh, cry, and fall head over heals in love. We also adore all the little touches Maria added to this book like titling each chapter after a song. Trust us this is a must a read. You will fall in love with story.









Why we picked it: This is the book that started our love of reading again. A beautiful vampire who could kill you at any second took us for a thrill ride. We swooned over Edward and wanted a vampire of our own. Bella was the awkward girl, who somehow was still perfect. Together they are a love story for the ages following Romeo & Juliet, Maria & Tony, and Danny & Sandy. Oh, Twilight how we love you so.


Why We Picked It: The love triangle in this book is at it’s best. We love the whole scene in the tent. In this book we feel Jacob’s pain of not being able to be with the one you love. And we get a lot more of Edward, which we all ready for after New Moon. This book is actually our favorite from the whole series.