Our Books of the Week for the Month of November


Why we picked it:

We love a good love triangle, and Hold on Tight gives us a perfect one. We love that Maria did not make it easy for the reader to really decide which boy is better for Emma by making one the bad choice. She gave both guys good and bad qualities, that they will make you love them just as much as Emma does. This book is the reason we love to read YA. It reminds us of being young again and feeling all those emotions when falling in love. The story made us laugh, cry, and fall head over heals in love. We also adore all the little touches Maria added to this book like titling each chapter after a song. Trust us this is a must a read. You will fall in love with story.









Why we picked it: This is the book that started our love of reading again. A beautiful vampire who could kill you at any second took us for a thrill ride. We swooned over Edward and wanted a vampire of our own. Bella was the awkward girl, who somehow was still perfect. Together they are a love story for the ages following Romeo & Juliet, Maria & Tony, and Danny & Sandy. Oh, Twilight how we love you so.


Why We Picked It: The love triangle in this book is at it’s best. We love the whole scene in the tent. In this book we feel Jacob’s pain of not being able to be with the one you love. And we get a lot more of Edward, which we all ready for after New Moon. This book is actually our favorite from the whole series.


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