First Love (Now and Forever) by Melissa Johns

Story: Emily Stone has moved from her life in Texas to start over in New York. She left her friends and her father behind to be closer to her mother. She just wants to find happiness and maybe a few friends but when Eric Mason enters her life, she knows she wants more. Eric has been raised to be a professional quarterback. His father has a plan and Eric isn’t allowed to stray off his path but the first day of his senior year, his eyes find Emily and he knows he won’t be the same again. Struggling to keep a balance between school work, football and a social life, they find themselves falling in love with each other until the night of the Senior Prom when she learns the truth that Eric has been keeping secret from her. Will their love be able to remain strong?

Our rating: 3 out of 5 red stars

Review: We love the whole idea behind this story and were really excited to read it. We hate to start a review with negative comments but we think we should get it over with so we can focus on the positive right after. We hate to judge a book on the grammar unless it effects the story. It was so hard to get into this book because we kept finding mistakes and over used words. For example the word “as.” We all agreed that after a while we began to count how many times the author used the word “as” instead of focusing on the story. Description was also needed. The story took place in Buffalo yet we never hear about the cold weather or snow. Our other issue was the dialogue it felt too mechanical at times. Emily is supposed to be from Houston yet she has so accent nor does anyone ever comment about her accent. There was also no emotion described besides her heart melting. When Emily breaks up with Eric there is no huge melt down that takes days or even weeks to deal with it. For a girl who was so in love and needy of Eric she was too quick to walk away from him over something really silly. Now for the good: Half way through the book we started to ignore the short sentences and hardly any description because we really started to care for Eric and Emily’s relationship. We agreed no matter how much the little things bothered us we could not put the book down and this is why we gave this book 3 stars instead of 2. We love that Eric’s favorite color is red, and Emily makes sure to use this color to gets the things she wants. It also helps that the steamy scenes between Eric and Emily were hot! Eric can easily become one of our boyfriends of the week. The part of the story that did keep us engaged also inspired us to read the next two books. We truly believe if the author would have developed this story a little more it would have been a five star book.

So if you don’t mind the grammar put on your favorite red shirt and read First Love (Now& Forever).



4 thoughts on “First Love (Now and Forever) by Melissa Johns

  1. This book sounds like one I’d like – and considering how poor I am at grammar and recognizing bad grammar when it’s right in front of me – it’s going on my to-read list. Great review.

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