Battle of the Book Boyfriend (round 2)

This is the fifth and last match in round two in our battle to find the best boyfriend of the week from 2012. Each winner will move on to round three, which will begin in three days. So now enjoy our final battle of the book boyfriends in the second round. But first here is why we picked these three boyfriends:


Sebastian is the type of guy that can teach how to reel a guy in (AKA: The Hook-up Doctor.) Sebastian might think he’s God gift to girls, but he has a heart of gold when it come to his friends. He is very charming and will get inside your heart even if you don’t want him to. He might be afraid of love, but he’s not afraid to hug his mom. Sebastian may come off cocky but his heart will make you fall for him.


Wes can easily be the guy of your dreams. Okay, so he served time, but it wasn’t for anything big. Wes is the type of guy that can be series one moment and goofy the very next moment. He’ll become your best friend first. Wes will know almost everything about you, since his favorite game is truth. Wes will hold your hand when you need him to, and will make you realize the boyfriend you do have is a total jerk. We love Wes, but who doesn’t love the artsy type that can make garbage into beautiful art?


Finn is the type of guy that will carry you in his arms while zombies chase you. He’s your best friend, but you can quickly fall in love with him. He might have a jerk for a brother and secretes about his family, but his crooked smile will make you forget the end of the world is occurring. Finn will protect and fight along side you. He will hold you in his arms when you need him too and won’t think any less of you when you’ show up in “mom” jeans. He is amazing and will make your heart melt when it’s not full of fear. If you haven’t met Finn yet, you must. You will not only fall in love with him, but also all the other characters.





Battle of the Book Boyfriend (round 2)

This is the fourth match in round two in our battle to find the best boyfriend of the week from 2012. We will bring you a new match every three days. Each winner will move on to round three. So now enjoy our fourth battle of the book boyfriends in the second round. But first here is why we picked these three boyfriends:


Alex is everything you should stay away from but everything you want. He knows how to kiss you just right that you’ll feel it in your knees. He’ll take you to places you were too scared to go. Alex will treat your sister right no matter what is wrong with her. He’s the kind of guy you want to save, but somehow he’ll end up saving you. Sure he’ll drive you crazy with his pride, but he’ll also drive you crazy with his looks. Alex is the bad boy who turns out to be really good.


Drew might be dating another girl, who happens to be a twin, when you meet him but the way he looks at you will still make your heart skip a beat or maybe a couple beats. Drew won’t be thrilled to be a co-drum major with you but he’ll still work with you to be the best co-drum major out there. As much as you want to hate him you just won’t be able to. He’s not only gorgeous but also sensitive the perfect combination. He will listen to you complain about your parents and share his secretes with you. Drew is the kind of guy you can fall deeply in love with. Besides who can’t resist a guy that will make out with you on a tractor?


Jordan is the type of guy that will start off as your friend. When he knows he’s too old for you he won’t try to take it any further than a friendship. Jordan doesn’t care if you’re the most popular girl in school or the prettiest. He will be there for you when you really need him. He understands you in a way no one else does. And when things do go bad he will be able to forgive you and himself to find happiness to be with you. Jordan is worth falling in love with. You don’t believe us, then read For Always to see how you feel about him.


An Interview with Deborah from The Dark Citadel by Jane Dougherty



Here at Forever YA Fiction we love getting to know the characters in the books we love. What better way to get to know them than interviewing them. We are so excited to bring you an interview with Deborah from The Dark Citadel.


 Thank you, Deborah for coming to chat with us today. Why do you think Jane Dougherty chose you to represent her?

 Since Jane started to tell this story, I’ve taken a bit of a back seat; let the other characters tell it from their point of view. But the first part of the story that Jane has called ‘The Dark Citadel’ is more about me than anybody else.

 Tell us a little about yourself.

 Me now? Or me as I was then? I changed so much in the course of this story that I’d better start at the beginning. To be honest, I was not exactly the most popular girl in the school. In fact I’m ashamed to say I was a self-opinionated brat. I had good reason to be pissed off with life though. I defy anyone to live with the nickname ‘Serpentspawn’ and keep a cheery smile on her face! My parents were branded criminal subversives; my father was locked in a dungeon but my mother escaped. I was put into foster care. Care! They hated me. All I ever wanted was to have my parents back; I never asked to be special. But somebody had to pick up my mother’s burden and put Abaddon back in his rightful place. Sometimes doing your duty is hard, though.

 What is your birth date?

 Birth date? I suppose it’s in my records. (Shrugs) Nobody celebrated anything in Providence. Why would my date of birth be of any interest?

 This place where do you lived, Providence, describe it for us.

 (Grimaces) Grey. Providence was grey. Our clothes were grey, the sky was grey, the crumbling buildings were grey. Nobody laughed, nobody cried. There was no music, no books, nothing that wasn’t completely functional. We learned nothing, made nothing, dreamed of nothing.

 Tell us about Jonah what drew you to him?

 (Shakes her head) Sorry. I’d like to, but if there’s one thing I can’t talk about it’s Jonah.

 What about Zachariah?

 (Smiles) Lets just say that we got off to a bad start, but Zachariah’s the kind of boy who always gets forgiven in the end. Maybe if he didn’t have those big brown eyes and that little boy lost look it would be easier to stay angry with him. But if you really want to know what he’s like, there are other girls who could answer your questions much better than I can.

 Where have we seen you before?

The only place you could have seen me was on my way to or from school. But you wouldn’t have recognized me, not with that god-awful headscarf covering most of my face!

 What’s your perfect day? Why?

(Smiles wistfully) Every day when I wake up, I hope that this one is going to be perfect. It never is; there’s always something missing. (Sighs) But after Providence, just to be able to wake up in my own bed, open the door and walk wherever I want, to see trees and grass, people smiling is pretty close to perfection. Even being able to hear people cursing one another without some Thought Police creep hauling them away for blasphemy!

 Do you believe in ghosts?

Ghosts? Of course there are ghosts! The air is full of them. Just sit down here, under this apple tree and you can hear them whispering.

 Will we be seeing more of you or are you stepping out of the limelight?

(Looks grim) With The Dark Citadel the story’s only just begun. It gets a lot worse before it gets better. The next book in Jane’s trilogy tells the story from the viewpoint of the people in Providence. I had no idea what happened after I…left. If I’d known, I’d probably have insisted we all get back there to fight before things­­—my mother, the Garden, all her work—were ready. And that would have been catastrophic! Let’s just say things happened that still give me nightmares. I knew some of those people after all, and what’s worse, I didn’t value their friendship enough at the time. (Wipes away a tear) But it’s too late to do anything to change it now. I just have to live with it.

 So, what do you most regret?

 Too many things. (Hesitates) Most of all I regret not having been able to recognize a shape-shifter when I met one.

 Is there anything you wish Jane Dougherty had kept quiet about?

 No. It all had to be said.

 Do you feel you were portrayed fairly?

 Yes. (Smiles) Unfortunately.

 What is your biggest fear?

 That what we have built here, what we have learnt from the mistakes of Providence won’t be enough. That someday, someone with the same stunted ideas will turn up and people will listen again. People have short memories, you know.

 What impression would you like readers to keep of you?

 I would just like the readers of ‘The Dark Citadel’ to know that I did learn from…the things that happened to me. I did learn about love and friendship. (Gives a weak smile) It has made me stronger, a better person, I hope. Even though there are some things I can never get over.

 Why should the readers be interested in your story?

(Eyes flash) Because it hasn’t happened yet! If you read, listen, and understand what made the regime of the Elders so appalling, maybe you won’t fall into the trap of letting it happen. The story of ‘The Dark Citadel’ unfolds in your future. If you listen to your own hearts, and the heartbeat of the Earth, it won’t unfold, ever.

 This is author, Jane Dougherty speaking now. I just wanted to say that it was a privilege to be allowed to set down the story of Deborah, Jonah, Zachariah and all the other small heroes. Deborah doesn’t do herself justice. She showed great courage all the way through, especially in the dark days after…after the tragedy. Like Zachariah she changed, and grew, and that’s what’s important, to open your eyes and heart to injustice and do your small part in fighting it.

Battle of the Book Boyfriend (round 2)

This is the third match in round two in our battle to find the best boyfriend of the week from 2012. We will bring you a new match every three days. Each winner will move on to round three. So now enjoy our third battle of the book boyfriends in the second round. But first here is why we picked these three boyfriends:


Russ a sexy cowboy with a Texas twang. Sure he might be a frat guy but he knows so much about music he will blow your mind. He will actually teach you to love country music. Russ will make you a mixed CD and take you out for a great burger. He might have an ex-girlfriend he’s still trying to get over, but he’ll devote himself to you once you let him. He’ll take you to the famous bridge in Austin to watch the bats fly out, and make sure to bring an umbrella so no yucky stuff falls on you. Russ is amazing, funny, and kind. He will make you smile. Besides who can’t resist a guy in cowboy boots.


Nash is the bad boy who makes your heart beat a little faster. He drives a motorcycle and a pick-up truck. He’s the kind of guy that can get you into concerts and makes sure you have a memorable time. Nash is the type of guy who can cook and draw. He’ll take you to his own private paradise in the mountains of the Catskills. His crooked smile will drive you wild, and his golden green eyes will make the butterflies in your stomach do the conga line. If you don’t know who Nash is read Hold on Tight to decide whether you’re team Nash or team Court.


Reece is the type of guy you won’t scare off with a prediction of him breaking your heart. He will save you at a carnival if a creepy guy is trying to get too pushy on you. He will take you to Six Flags on your first date and make it easier to ride the scary roller coaster. He will spend time with your parents just to show them he can be trusted. Reece will make you smile, and give you goose bumps all over when he kisses your neck. He will make you love him, no matter what secrete he could be hiding. Reece will make you forget all the guys who ignored you in the past and the guys who are paying attention to you now. Reece is the type of guy you want to spend everyday with. You don’t believe us? Then check out Heart Waves and fall in love with Reece too.


Battle of the Book Boyfriend (round 2)

This is the second match in round two in our battle to find the best boyfriend of the week from 2012. We will bring you a new match every three days. Each winner will move on to round three. So now enjoy our second battle of the book boyfriend in the second round. But first here is why we picked these three boyfriends:


Conrad is moody, but caring. He has all the right to be so sad. You must read the book to find out why he’s so sad and moody. We love the way he touches Belly’s hair when he’s drunk. No we are not crazy. Once again you must read the book to know what we are talking about. We love you Conrad, oh yes we do!


Yes Court is the rich popular golden boy, but that’s not why we love him. He is kind and will go out of his way to get you tickets to see your favorite band. He’s also the type that will notice you when no one else has. He wants to spend all his time with you. Court is to die for and he’ll treat you like gold. If you haven’t read about Court yet you must!


Doug at first seems like the bad boy we should all stay away from, but pretty soon we get to see his soft side. How can you not fall for a guy with long lashes and a swimmer’s body. He is strong and vulnerable at the same time. If we ever lose our memory we hope we have someone like Doug to help us remember.


Battle of the Book Boyfriend (round 2)

Round two starts today in our battle to find the best boyfriend of the week from 2012. We will bring you a new match every three days. Each winner will move on to round three. So now enjoy our first battle of the book boyfriend in the second round. But first here is why we picked these three boyfriends:

John After  is caring, loving, and even moody at times but we still love him. Especially his love for Meg. He is one cop we would love to pull us over.


It’s hard to say why, without giving any of the surprises away. Let’s just say we picked him for his perfect eyes, hair, body, and heart. He looks after Lily in a way no one else can. He can make us drool in a way no other character has. You must get to know Eli.


He treats Belly better and is not so moody. As much as we loved Conrad in The Summer I turned Pretty, in the second book it’s all about Jeremiah. He’s the one that’s makes us melt.

Robin in the Hood by Diane J. Reed

Story: 15-year-old Robin McArthur thinks she has it all figured out when it comes to bilking her wealthy dad for guilt money as a substitute for his genuine affection. Until one day he suffers a stroke, and she learns the brutal truth. They’re broke. And everyone from bankers to bookies has come to collect. His only saving grace is what he reveals to Robin in between drools: He truly does love her, in spite of all his mistakes. Panicked and desperate, Robin figures she has two choices. Either surrender to the pestering caseworker and live in a skanky foster home, or take a chance and sneak her dad out of the hospital to make a run for it. Little does she know that stealing a car and hitting the road means that before the day is through, she will rob her first bank. Now an outlaw, Robin finds a backwoods trailer park to hide her dad from authorities. There, she encounters Creek, a local bad boy who also commits crimes to provide for their motley neighbors. Realizing she could use Creek’s help, Robin proposes an ingenious plan—they should team up to rob banks together. But when their partnership leads to a romance that turns Robin’s world upside down, she soon begins to discover that people are more precious than pocketbooks, and real love means opening your heart to the kinds of treasures money can’t buy.

Our rating: 5 out of 5 stealing stars

Review: We are all standing up and applauding Robin. She has to be one of the most fun characters we have had the pleasure of meeting.She has so much spunk you can’t help loving her. We love that even though she seems to be strong and witty, she still acts like a fifteen year old. Oh, and there’s Creek. A bad boy with mushy side that’s exactly the type of guy we love. We enjoyed the connection between Robin and Creek. Yes they both do rob ATMs, banks, and other places but under the circumstances you learn to forgive them. We really had fun reading about all the ways they come up with to do the robberies, even the ones that don’t workout. Diane does an amazing job describing each scene, you begin to believe you are in Turtle Shores. We had fun reading about the trailer park and all it’s residents. A place where Robin never thought she would end up at, which teaches her about love and what family is all about. Robin uncovers some family secretes and her connection to the trailer park. Diane is a wonderful writer and knows exactly how to keep the reader turning the pages. This book is so much fun to read. It will make you laugh out loud and win your heart over.

So sit in your favorite spot and read Robin in the Hood.