Battle of the Book Boyfriends

Welcome to our fifteenth and last battle of the boyfriends in round one. Each week we have been bringing you a match between two of our chosen boyfriends of the week from 2012. However to end round one this week we are bringing you three to chose from. Whoever wins will move to round two, which will start next week. Here is our fifteenth set of boyfriends of the week to vote on. First a reminder why we picked them:

Finn is the type of guy that will carry you in his arms while zombies chase you. He’s your best friend, but you can quickly fall in love with him. He might have a jerk for a brother and secretes about his family, but his crooked smile will make you forget the end of the world is occurring. Finn will protect and fight along side you. He will hold you in his arms when you need him too and won’t think any less of you when you’ show up in “mom” jeans. He is amazing and will make your heart melt when it’s not full of fear. If you haven’t met Finn yet, you must. You will not only fall in love with him, but also all the other characters.


Jacob is the type of guy that one minute will be your buddy and next minute be this totally hot babe with abs of steel. He will help you build a motor cycle , and go to a slasher film with you. He’s the type of guy who will always put you first and protect you from evil blood sucking vampires. He’s a hairy kind of guy that likes to howl at the moon. He also does have a jealous side, but that’s okay because when it’s really cold outside his body temperature will keep you nice and warm. This week we are all about team Jacob.


Edward will give you the wedding of your dreams, and not to mention a hot car. You might end up all black and blue on your honeymoon night but Edward is so worth it. And yes the baby in your belly will grow with great speed, but after she’s born Edward will finally give you that bite you’ve been waiting for. Edward might be a cold dead blood sucking vampire, but he his warm heart will make you love him for eternity. It’s all about Team Edward this week.



2 thoughts on “Battle of the Book Boyfriends

  1. Agh, so much craziness! Don’t know if I’m honored or terrified to see Finn up against Edward and Jacob. Voters just remember this – Finn won’t accidentally kill you with his supernatural powers! đŸ˜‰

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