Battle of the Book Boyfriend (round 2)

This is the third match in round two in our battle to find the best boyfriend of the week from 2012. We will bring you a new match every three days. Each winner will move on to round three. So now enjoy our third battle of the book boyfriends in the second round. But first here is why we picked these three boyfriends:


Russ a sexy cowboy with a Texas twang. Sure he might be a frat guy but he knows so much about music he will blow your mind. He will actually teach you to love country music. Russ will make you a mixed CD and take you out for a great burger. He might have an ex-girlfriend he’s still trying to get over, but he’ll devote himself to you once you let him. He’ll take you to the famous bridge in Austin to watch the bats fly out, and make sure to bring an umbrella so no yucky stuff falls on you. Russ is amazing, funny, and kind. He will make you smile. Besides who can’t resist a guy in cowboy boots.


Nash is the bad boy who makes your heart beat a little faster. He drives a motorcycle and a pick-up truck. He’s the kind of guy that can get you into concerts and makes sure you have a memorable time. Nash is the type of guy who can cook and draw. He’ll take you to his own private paradise in the mountains of the Catskills. His crooked smile will drive you wild, and his golden green eyes will make the butterflies in your stomach do the conga line. If you don’t know who Nash is read Hold on Tight to decide whether you’re team Nash or team Court.


Reece is the type of guy you won’t scare off with a prediction of him breaking your heart. He will save you at a carnival if a creepy guy is trying to get too pushy on you. He will take you to Six Flags on your first date and make it easier to ride the scary roller coaster. He will spend time with your parents just to show them he can be trusted. Reece will make you smile, and give you goose bumps all over when he kisses your neck. He will make you love him, no matter what secrete he could be hiding. Reece will make you forget all the guys who ignored you in the past and the guys who are paying attention to you now. Reece is the type of guy you want to spend everyday with. You don’t believe us? Then check out Heart Waves and fall in love with Reece too.



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