Boyfriend of the Week: April 29th to May 5th


Our new boyfriend of the week is Creek from Robin in the Hood by Diane J. Reed. Creek is a bad boy who will make your knees weak. He will help you rob an ATM and win your heart at the same time. He gives his all at everything he does. He is good to his family and does everything he can to help them survive and stay together. He has lots of secretes, which hopefully will be revealed in the next book. Creek will melt your heart with his eyes and give you hope when you think there’s none. Get to know Creek, he’s a bad boy you’ll really love.


Storm of Arranon Fire and Ice by Robynn Sheahan

Story: A dark evil rises. A world on the threshold of destruction. A crossing into a mysterious realm. The journey begins. Newly commissioned Interceptor fighter pilot, Erynn Yager, knows sacrifice. Her battle against a brutal alien enemy intent on destroying her two worlds set her on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, all while struggling to gain control of her secret abilities. With the alien threat crushed, Erynn believes the worst is behind her. She settles in to experience first love and a changed life on a hidden military base deep inside a glacier covered mountain on Arranon. Her peaceful existence can’t last. Dhoran, the evil sovereign of Arranon’s underworld has risen from the dead to possess an unwilling human. Dhoran’s powers grow while he plots a war that may plunge Arranon onto a path of destruction neither realm will survive. Arranon is pulled into chaos as violence spreads across the planet. Drawn first in visions, Erynn enters a diverse world beneath Arranon’s surface, a realm teeming with danger, mystery, and beauty. The battle thrusts her into an uncharted kingdom, intensifying her connection to the heart and soul of the living Arranon.

Our rating: 4 out of 5 battling stars

Review: This book begins right where the first book Storm of Arranon left off. There’s a whole new world and new characters to meet. We also have the characters from the last book to make this story just as good or maybe even better than the first one. There’s a new evil that comes along with their own story. It was great to see the old characters grow in this book. Erynn’s connection to the planet is incredible. Making it easy for the reader to picture this planet is actually alive. Robynn does an amazing job describing these different worlds that you can almost begin to believe you’ve have actually been there. We will say the romance is a little to light for our taste, especially with all the drama of the new girl in Jaer’s life, there could have been more there. But this does not take away from how good this story is.We had moments we loved Eyrnn’s bravery and moments we couldn’t stand some of her choices. Overall it was nice to see the growth in her. The action in this book is just enough to keep you on your toes. You actually will feel your heart pump a little harder by the end of the story. We can’t wait for the third book to come out.

So get yourself ready to visit two other worlds and read Storm of Arranon Fire and Ice



**We received this book for free by the author. We were not bribed or paid in any way for this review. **

Boyfriend of the Week: April 22 to April 28


Our boyfriend for this week is Alex from The Fine Art of Truth or Dare by Melissa Jensen. Alex might be from the rich popular group, but he doesn’t always act arrogant, deep down inside he is a great guy with an amazing heart. He is sweet and knows just how to make your heart race. Alex doesn’t only come with good looks he also comes with a brain. He will help tutor you for your French class, which means he will be speaking in French. Ooouuu Laaalaaa! He will tell you his deep secretes and after a while won’t care that you do not belong to the same social circle he does. Alex will win your heart. We mean he speaks French. Who wouldn’t find that sexy?

Our Boyfriend of the Week: April 15th to 21st

Our new boyfriend of the week is Harrison from Shymers by Jen Naumann. Harrison might not like you at first, but as soon as he does he will treat you like gold. He will not only fall for you, he will also try to protect you in every way he can. He will be there for you when you really need him. Harrison is the type of guy you want to go on adventure with. He will make your heart melt as he fights along side you. He will also give anything to safe you. Get to know Harrison in Shymers and let him melt your heart too.


Our Boyfriend of the Week: April 8th to 14th


Yes Our Boyfriend of the Week is back and we have  a long list of boyfriends to entice your love bug. Our first choice is Tristan from The Dead Beats by Emma Meade. Sure Tristan could be a bit needy, but his love making style more than makes up for that. You might not be able to walk out in the sun with him, but what happens under the moonlight will blow your mind. He’ll want you to be all his and when you don’t agree his heart will be broken. There is something about him that will make you want to return into his arms even though he has become a jaded vampire rockstar. All you’ll care about is being with him. If you haven’t met Tristan you must. He’s a delicious vampire with real vampire traits (no glowing in the sun).


Wilson Mooney, Almost Eighteen by Gretchen de la O

Story: Abandoned by her mother at the vulnerable age of eight; only to be shipped off to a boarding school in Northern California by her grandparents, Wilson Mooney, is one girl who knows what it’s like to have to grow up way too fast. Now, a month away from turning eighteen and orphaned by the death of her grandparents; she knows exactly what she wants. All it takes is a spontaneous ski trip with her narcissistic roommate to Colorado to make it a reality. When “he” happens to show up at a party in Aspen, Wilson becomes tangled in the powerful emotions of first love, sexual inexperience, and society’s principles. She lives a whirlwind weekend filled with newly discovered boundaries, calloused aches for a family she never had, and all the pressures of keeping their weekend together a secret.

Our rating: 4 out of 5 teaching stars

Review: This story is forbidden love gone good. Okay we will admit at first we had a very hard time dealing with Max being Wilson’s teacher. We don’t care how close in age they are there’s just some lines you shouldn’t cross. But then it happened we began to root for them to be together. Their sneaky moments just melted our hearts and made us fall deeply in love with Max. He can be our teacher any day. This book had it all including the mean spoiled girl you just want to slap. Wilson herself is great. She’s been through so much, but she still manages to brush things off. Her innocent mind and likable characteristics makes you really care for her. The secondary characters are great too and really help the story move along, even the mean girl Cindy. The romance between Max and Wilson is a bit rush, but at the same time very believable. Remember as a teenager it didn’t take you long to fall in love. This book will keep you up at night with thoughts of Max. He’s just yummy. This book is a good beginning to what looks to be a great series. We can’t wait to read the next book. We have to find out what will happen between Max and Wilson.

So sit by the fire and read Wilson Mooney, Almost eighteen.



**We received this book for free by the author. We were not bribed or paid in any way for this review. **

Cheating Death Blog Hop


We are so excited to be part of Jen Naumann’s Cheating Death blog hop. We are so excited for this book to come out. Here read the story description and see why

Lysandra Brooks remembers everything about the day she almost drowned alongside her grandma, especially the set of mysterious eyes she saw at the bottom of the lake. Ever since then, she’s been seeing strange things when she is near water—things that aren’t really there. Because of it, Lysandra has the tendency to avoid anything that isn’t on dry land. On her last day of high school, however, the biggest party of the year is set to take place at a fellow senior’s lakeside mansion. Despite her fears, Lysandra decides to prove to her friends and herself that she can handle it.
But after a horrific night of drinking and drama that leaves Lysandra feeling lonely and confused, she nearly drowns for a second time, only to be saved by the new guy in town. From that moment on, Lysandra’s world is turned upside down with the discovery of mind blowing secrets, including a revelation that something sinister is after her soul.
Sounds thrilling, scary, and amazing. Our review is coming soon. Here is the amazing cover. This might be one of our favorite covers so far this year 

And to really  entice your reading bug here is the official book trailer:

We have been lucky enough to read all of Jen’s book and have really enjoyed each and everyone of them. Want to know who Jen Naumann is?

Photo on 3-12-13 at 10.35 AM-1  Jen grew up during a magical time in which Ghostbusters, Star Wars, E.T. and The Goonies were the biggest blockbusters. Her love of sci-fi exploded over time, eventually growing into a career of writing YA fiction with a paranormal flair. When not sitting at her Mac, she can be found at concerts and movies, hanging with friends, chilling at her lake home, taking pictures, working on graphic design projects, traveling, or at home with her husband in southern Minnesota and trying to keep up with their four active children.

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