Kiera’s Quest: Perceptions by Kristy Brown

Story: The Witch Queen has reached a new level of evil. Kiera is helplessly stuck in Zakk’s realm. With the vortex destroyed, she is desperate to find a way home. Her Uncle Tom, her friends and now the boy she loves, are in danger. Will Kiera find the strength and the self-belief she needs to save them?
On her lonely journey she meets new allies from peculiar races. The Prophecy is all falling into place. Will Kiera be able to forgive the people she trusted? Will she be able to save the world from her twisted nemesis, the Witch Queen? Will she finally believe that she is indeed the ‘chosen one’?

Our rating: 5 out of 5 Witch Queen Stars

Review: All our favorite characters are back in one of the most entertaining series we have read. Perceptions continues right where Sacrifices left off. The Witch Queen is back on Earth pretending to be Kiera. We have to say the Witch Queen is still as evil as before, but with a sense of humor. We actually laughed aloud at some of the things she did. As much as we wanted to hate her a part of us actually started to like her. We hate to take anything away from the main character Kiera, but in this third installment the Witch Queen is the star. Please don’t get us wrong, she’s still as evil as ever. We also loved the growth in Kiera in this book. She seems to have gotten more confidence in herself. One of the best parts of reading a series is seeing these characters grow up. They really do become part of your family in a way. Kristy Brown does another amazing job filling this book with action. She keeps the readers on their toes as they try to guess what’s going to happen next. This book is not predictable at all, in fact many times our guesses were completely wrong. This book will have you laughing, flipping the pages to see what happens next, and cheering for Kiera. We can’t wait for the next book. If you haven’t checked out this series yet, you must. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

So grab your eReader and read Kiera’s Quest: Perceptions.



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