Kalifornia Blu by Kendell Shaffer

STORY:  Arrested for skateboarding at three o’clock in the morning at the Venice Beach Skate Park, Kalifornia Blu’s life takes an unexpected turn when her rock star absent mom doesn’t show up at her sentencing hearing. To avoid a trip to Juvenile Hall, she tracks down her dad–whom she hasn’t seen since she was eight. The sentencing judge thinks a bit of discipline will be good for Kalifornia and transfers her to a Police Academy Magnet High School, where the students wear LAPD uniforms, learn police drills and practice forensics. And, she’s forced to live with her ex-skateboarding, ex-guitar playing, ex-dad Zachary, in his run-down Venice loft with a 6 pm to 6 am curfew. It’s not an easy sentence for a girl who has grown up touring with her mom, living in five-star hotels all over the world. Curfew is tough, but Kal is tenacious. When she discovers her cop school partner, Jade, is being threatened by her ganglord cousin, Kal skitches (skateboard hitches) a Range Rover through the Venice canals to save her. She rescues a young girl from a gnarly living situation with Jade’s help. It’s a rough world she’s thrown into, with some dangerous people… and a few new friendships, discovered in the most unlikely places.


REVIEW: Kendell Shaffer brilliantly brings you into Kali’s world. You don’t need to know anything about skateboarding to fall in love with this story. Kali is such a wonderful character, who is very easy to relate. She goes through many struggles a lot of us have gone through ourselves. Kali matures through the story in a way that gives her a true authenticity. One of the delights from this book is the description of the skaters world and Venice Beach. We’ve never been there, but after reading Kalifornia Blu we feel like we just came back from California. This book also made us insterested in stakeboarding. Come on who wouldn’t want to swoon over a cute skateboarder? One of the best parts about this story is nothing is perfect just like in real life. You can really feel the pain and joy as you read the story. All the characters in it help bring an amazing book with a great message to life. Kalifornia Blu also proves you don’t need a lot of romance to have a gripping emotional story. This book is a fun, wild ride that will have you aching for more.

So put your skateboard down and read Kalifornia Blu


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