Surprise Announcement From Danielle Sibarium

We are so excited in sharing Danielle’s Sibarium’s announcement. This news we were hoping to hear. Make sure to enter Danielle’s special giveaway at the end of her announcement. We won’t delay it any longer. Danielle take it away:

First, I would like to thank you for allowing me to announce my special message on your blog. I am so honored to be here today. I understand your blog is a reflection of you and so I thank you for giving me this opportunity. Next, I’d like to thank every reader that has ever picked up one of my books and given them a chance. And finally I’d like to thank all of my fans that have felt compelled to reach out to me. I have appreciated all of your letters, messages, and support, whether it came in an email, or just a short and sweet tweet.

When I began this journey, I had no expectations. I had dreams and hopes and wishes, but to say I expected For Always to take on a life of its own would not be true. Since its release in October of 2011, many people have contacted me asking me if I planned to write a sequel. I thought Stephanie and Jordan’s story had been completed, but for many of you, it wasn’t enough. So because you asked, because you told me in no uncertain terms you wanted it, I am working on And Forever, the sequel to For Always. And Forever picks up where For Always ended. While Stephanie and Jordan are finally a couple, they still carry the same baggage they had before. Can their love survive the ghosts of their past and the challenges of the future?

I hope you are excited about this as I am. I expect And Forever to be released in July 2014. Until then, look for teasers on Facebook and Twitter. And before I go, I leave you with this, the prologue of And Forever.  Once again thank you for being so amazing. Happy Reading!



            The scent of death lingered nearby. Always. Only I didn’t attract it, I repelled it, like a deflector shield. This was my lot in life, to extend the days of those I loved. That theory came from Jordan; the keeper of my heart, and the love of my life!

I sighed. I didn’t realize I did it until Jordan apologized. Again.

“I’m sorry Steph, I don’t want to be distracted.”

“I know. I understand. Promise.”

He misunderstood. It was a contented sigh. One that said I was thrilled my boyfriend was driving me to school. The sigh was a sign of how surreal sitting next to Jordan and knowing that he loved me was. How I couldn’t believe in a matter of hours he’d be leaving me alone on the college campus, and I intended to savor each minute with him. The sigh was the only chance I had of getting any of those sentiments across because he didn’t want me to talk while he was driving. I knew just being in the car together was challenging for him.

Jordan still suffered the after effects of a terrible car accident that left his ex-girlfriend dead. Of course he was breaking up with her at the time because he loved me, and I pushed him into making a choice between us. When he served as my unexpected prom date, I made him admit his feelings. That’s what led to his break-up with Madison, leaving him in a swamp of guilt induced quick sand when she died. But we worked through all that.

I hoped.

I didn’t bother saying anything further to try and reassure him I wasn’t upset. I’d already been warned he couldn’t concentrate on the road and to keep the radio down. The problem was he wanted it down so low I couldn’t hear the music. I glanced at his hands on the steering wheel, his knuckles were white. He held on so tight I expected his fingers to cramp up. I hated that this was so hard for him. I wished I knew how to make it better, but the only thing I could do was stand beside him and hope in time he’d heal.

I turned to my window, watching the never ending expanse of trees zoom by. I wished for a brief moment I’d gone in the other car with my mother and her new, at least new to me, boyfriend Eddie. I’d been clueless about Eddie, but after her health scare last week, she came clean. She wanted to see him and had been ordered to take a few days off of work. Work is where they’d rendezvous during lunch. She’d been frightened when they first told her it looked like a heart attack and realized it was silly to keep him hidden away. No way I wanted to hear what cheesy, weird things they might be talking about. I mean it was my mom, gross. Still, I was happy for her. My father died a decade ago and as far as I knew she’d never dated before.

I chose to ride with Jordan, because even in the deafening silence, and the tension he carried on his shoulders every time we got in a car together, there was nowhere else I’d rather be. From the first moment he spoke to me, he owned my heart. It was branded with his name. I’d tried for four years to move on, to forget him, but that wasn’t an option for me. No one could hold a candle to him.

“Hey,” He pulled my attention back to the here and now. “You know I love you right?”

I smiled. Of course he knew that would make me smile, that’s why he said it. It felt like that’s all I’d done over the last week since he found me crying on the beach. I’ll never forget the wave of relief that washed over me when I found out he’d been spared from a terrible plane crash. He never made it on the plane because I called him at the last minute in an attempt to get him to stay. Thank goodness I did. I didn’t know where he was going or why, but Maria warned me that he was leaving, and it might be forever.

I always believed myself to be the root cause of the bad things that happen to people around me, Jordan thought I was what kept them hanging on. I didn’t believe him, at least not yet. But having him try to convince me otherwise promised to be amazing.

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5 Romance Books to Snuggle With

Yes this is the week that we all will celebrate Valentine’s Day. Some of us will have someone to snuggle up with and some of us, well lets just say we will be wearing black and bashing all the couples. Either way this week is a perfect week to fall in love with fictional characters in our favorite romance books. Here are five books you should definitely snuggle with. They are in no particular order.



STORY: Brooke Winters has every second of her day planned out. She makes lists for the satisfaction of checking things off. When Marks Events and Weddings has an opening, she knows she’s perfect for the job. What she doesn’t expect is that the boss’s unkempt and full of bad attitude son will be the person she works most closely with. Nate Marks lost his fiancé and his best friend the moment he walked in on them sleeping together. He finds himself back at home in Las Vegas with his mother, taking photos for her wedding planning business instead of creating a portfolio to show at art galleries. Heartbroken and lost, Nate couldn’t care less about how he’s perceived by wedding clients… or the newest hire, Brooke. When Brooke finds Nate at the office passed out and hung over, she quickly fixes him up to look presentable for their meetings. Nate spills about his broken relationship, and soon their clashed personalities balance each other out. But when they both discover there might be more between them, they panic. Brooke’s determined to live life on her schedule, which never included a relationship with a co-worker or friend, and with Nate still aching over the girl he thought he’d spend his life with—they’re both about to lose a love they never expected to find.

REASON TO READ IT: Unexpectedly You is a sweet story that will have you falling in love with Nate and Brooke’s relationship.


STORY: Six years ago Austin broke Jade’s heart. On that day he went from being her best friend to the person she hates the most. Now six years later Jade’s life has been turned upside down, the family she once knew no longer exists. Her father’s infidelity has made it hard for her to trust anyone. That is until she reconnects with the one person she’s despised the most. Will Austin be able to break through Jade’s wall of anger to get her to trust him? Or will he break her heart again? Together they will experience the ecstasies and agonies of being in love.

REASON TO READ IT: We have one word and it’s Austin. Because of You is a perfect young adult romance that will make you wish you were Jade and had a boyfriend just like Austin.


STORY: Can two broken people help each other learn to love again and find their way home? For Samantha Cole, love and relationships have never come easy. Pain and heartbreak have forced her to build a wall around herself. Hoping to start over, Sam leaves Boston behind and moves to Napa with her best friend. Trying to make better choices in love, Sam establishes rules to keep her heart safe. Little does she know that one man will challenge her and change her mind. He has the potential to break down her walls and bring her heart back home. Ben Foster has been dealing with heartache and guilt for the past two years, believing he lost his only chance at love. Pounding guys on the Rugby field and running the family winery get him through the pain. When Sam arrives the fog over his life slowly lifts. He wonders if she is the one who can help his heart find a new way home. Letting go of the past and moving forward is not always easy. Their connection is strong, but their pasts keep getting in the way. Will Sam and Ben’s journey tear them apart or help them find a place to call home?

REASON TO READ IT: Finding Home is a great book about finding love after getting your heart broken. Jenny and Jake will have you believing in love again.


STORY: Jenna knew Reece would break her heart, when he did Tyler stepped in to pick up the pieces. As she’s ready to take the next step with Tyler, Jenna finds herself face to face with Reece. Lies and secrets are discovered from the two boys she trusted the most. And now it’s more than just her heart on the line, it’s her life as well. Torn between two amazing guys Jenna’s certain of only one thing, this is the most important decision of her life. One almost destroyed her. The other brought her back to life. The time has come to choose. Can Jenna move forward with Tyler or will she be stuck in the past with Reece?

REASON TO READ IT: Who doesn’t love reading about two hot guys. No matter if you’re Team Reece or Team Tyler Waves of Love is a book you will fall deeply in love with.


STORY: Samantha Baker, 17, has a crush on one of the most popular students around, Phillip Corinodi. Phillip’s athletic and chiseled body, along with his sporting abilities means everybody knows who he is. He also happens to be going out with Tracy, the girl ‘every guy wants to be with’. Confident, popular and bitchy, she is everything Samantha feels she is not. When the two spend an hour together in detention Phillip strikes a friendship with Samantha. They were friends once before, many years ago, before Phillip got popular and ditched her. Why is he suddenly talking to her again now, after so many years? She wonders if it could be a cruel joke, maybe organized by Tracy. Phillip has a lot to prove to earn Samantha’s trust again, and after she witnesses a school shooting, her self-esteem is battered further as she tries to silently cope with what she saw. With only one friend and little experience with boys, Sam battles to believe in herself, to trust and open up again, and to explore her emotions and sexual desires for the first time. All while facing a darkness that haunts her daily. Will she find the brave spirit deep within or succumb to her insecurities and those keeping her down

REASON TO READ IT: In Your Arms will make you fall in love with the way Sam and Phillip fall in love.

Waves of Love by Danielle Sibarium

STORY: Jenna knew Reece would break her heart, when he did Tyler stepped in to pick up the pieces. As she’s ready to take the next step with Tyler, Jenna finds herself face to face with Reece. Lies and secrets are discovered from the two boys she trusted the most. And now it’s more than just her heart on the line, it’s her life as well. Torn between two amazing guys Jenna’s certain of only one thing, this is the most important decision of her life. One almost destroyed her. The other brought her back to life. The time has come to choose. Can Jenna move forward with Tyler or will she be stuck in the past with Reece?

OUR RATING: 5 out of 5 Romeo and Juliet Stars

REVIEW: We have been huge fans of the Heart Waves series by Danielle Sibariun since the first book came out. With each book in the series we have fallen deeper in love with the characters. And the final book Waves of Love does not disappoint. We actually all read this book twice because it’s that good. Many heated arguments were had over wine. Two of us are team Reece. He is amazing and after breaking our hearts to the point of blinding tears in Breaking Waves we were so excited to see his return. Reece makes everything better. The other two of us are team Tyler. There’s just something about the bad boy that makes us go wild. Tyler is hard to trust at first but Waves of Love he redeems himself and even made us cry. Jenna grows a lot in this final book too. We really get to see how much she loves both of these guys. This book has it all: love, suspense, moments that make you hold your breathe, and even sexy scenes. Danielle is in an amazing writer and her talent really shines in Waves of Love. If you haven’t read this series yet you must. You will fall in love with this adaptation of true love.

So cozy up on the couch with Waves of Love

Waves of Love2