The Time Zombies Became the Least of My Worries by Jen Naumann

Story: Ever since the zombie virus hit Emma’s irritatingly boring Midwestern hometown, she’s been on the run with her old best friend-turned-boyfriend Finn. On their journey, they’ve witnessed some pretty disgusting deaths, narrowly escaped life-threatening escapades that sometimes included one of their own pulling a gun on them numerous times, and redefined the definition of what makes up a family (as it turns out, soldiers and geeks can be pretty decent). They’ve even learned the disturbing truth behind the mysterious virus. But after Emma was bit by one of the infected trying to save her neighbor boy, she was told she would not have long to live. In the thrilling sequel to The Day Zombies Ruined My Perfectly Boring Life, Finn will help to tell the story as Emma and the gang are faced with the most crucial life-changing decisions yet. They’ll come across an unfortunate group of rednecks, discover the truth of what happened to Finn’s federal agent mother, and finally see a chance at truly being safe without having to run anymore. But in the middle of it all, Emma and Finn’s relationship will soar to completely uncomfortable levels when Finn takes things one step too far. And between being injected with an unknown liquid, taking on a completely unexpected (and really agitating alliance), and being left for dead by those she loves most, Emma will realize that zombies are the least of her worries.


REVIEW: The Time Zombies Became the Least of My Worries is the sequel to The Day Zombies Ruined My Perfectly Boring Life, which we are huge fans of. The sequel did not disappoint. It started off at the same point the first book ended. All the characters were back and many of our unanswered question were finally answered. We actually love this book more than the first. But don’t get us wrong the first book is still amazing. Emma is one of our favorite characters in this series. She’s funny and honest. We loved watching her grow in the second book. Emma is not one to wait to get rescued, she takes charge and easily can be considered a hero. At least she’s our hero. Finn is still as dreamy as ever. He’s so protective of Emma. Watching their relationship continue to evolve is fantastic. In this book we also get to go into Finn’s thoughts since he is also the narrator. We think we love him even more. Every character in this book has something to contribute and well developed. The action in the second book continues to be top notch. This book will make you laugh out loud and even shed some tears. Most of all this book will make you fall in love with Jen’s writing.

So turn off the Walking Dead Marathon and read The Time Zombies Became the Least of My Worries.




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