We are a couple of women that love reading YA books. As many before we had lost our love of reading due to being assigned books that lacked luster. But then we found YA books and began to fall in love with reading again. We love falling in love each time we enter a new book.

We also know how hard it is to be an author, so we want to do everything we can to help all kinds of authors promote their books. In our perfect world everyone would be in love with reading as we are.

This is who we are:

My name is Sarah and I am a nurse, who works in the prenatal unit in a very busy hospital. I love to read and try to do it every chance I get. My job at times gets to me and reading is my escape from what at times could be a sad experience. My favorite kind of book are romance contemporary, I’m not a huge fan of science fiction. Although ever since we started this blog I’ve beginning to enjoy it, but please do not tell my Star Wars addicted husband.

Hi my name is Chelsea and I am a second grade teacher. I love my job that at times can be challenging, unfortunately it is not my students who make it challenging but instead the school board. I have been in love with reading since I read my first book Beezus and Ramona by Beverly Cleary. I like all kinds of books. Okay I’m not really a fan of murder mystery, but I don’t mind every so often reading one.

I’m Anissa and I’m still in college getting my degree in communication disorders. Between school and planning my wedding (September 2013) I keep myself very busy. I do however take out time to workout and read. Sometimes I do both at the same time. I fell in love with reading when I read the book Forever by Judy Bloom. I remember reading it in my room and crying my eyes out at the end when they don’t stay together. I hope I didn’t ruin the ending for anyone. Yes I’m a sucker for romance. I love the feeling of falling in love every time I start a new book.

Last but not least, I’m Megan. I’m usually the one you talk to on Twitter. The other girls are way too busy. I’m busy too, but I’m lucky to be able to work from home. My house is actually where we all meet at least once a week. We grab our favorite bottle of wine and talk about the book we are reading. I personally like reading any kind of book as long as it’s good. If the story sucks me in I’m a happy girl. The four of us have been friends since kindergarten, and reading and blogging about it has brought us all closer together. The wine also helps.

We hope you enjoy our blog because we really enjoy bringing it to you.


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