Boyfriend of the Month

After taking off for the holidays we are back with a new boyfriend for a new year. We know many of you love him as much as we do.



Kellan from Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens is our favorite rock star and our first boyfriend of the month for 2014. He will make you coffee every morning. Kellan will take care of you when your boyfriend leaves you for a job. He will hold your hand and spend every moment with  you at a music festival instead. He will drive you to and from school making all the girls around you jealous. He’ll look after you even when you don’t realize it. Kellan will drive you crazy with his singing and melt your heart with his touch. He is sexy and will turn you on even when you are trying to resist him. He’s a former bad boy who can only be saved by your love. Kellen will make you his whole world as you make him yours. Fall in love with Kellen in Thoughtless.


Boyfriend of the Month

It’s time to honor a new book boyfriend and after a lot of debating and bottles of wine we have all agreed on our November Boyfriend of the Month. We hope you love him as much as we do.

To My Hero3

Ryan from To My Hero by Danielle Sibarium is our new boyfriend of the month. First we must say this a very powerful book that every girl should read. With that said will continue by stating Ryan is type of guy that will be your personal hero. You might at first think he’s a bad boy, but then will quickly realize he’s not. In fact he’s the total opposite. He will be there to listen to you, to help you in any way he can, and hold you even when you are pushing him away. Ryan will give you the space you need, but he’ll never back away too far that you won’t be able to reach him. He is sweet and lovable. Ryan is the type of guy every girl needs in their lives. He will not only be your amazing boyfriend, he’ll also be you’ll very best friend. Fall in love with Ryan.

Boyfriend of the Month

We are back with our Boyfriend of the Week, but now we are doing Boyfriend of the Month. We believe a good boyfriend should at least last a month.



Our first boyfriend of the month is Travis Maddox from Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire. We must admit at first we were not a fan of Travis in Beautiful Disaster, but then his side of the story came out and we fell in love. Travis is the type of guy who will always open the door for you. He will hold your hair back as you throw up after too much drinking. He drives a Harley and can defend you from anyone. Sure he’s a player, but once you capture his heart he is truly devoted to you. He’ll even tattoo his pet name for you on his wrist. Yes he at times can be overbearing, but his loving heart will remind you why he’s the person you love. Travis is sexy and sweet. He’s a bad boy full of tattoos that’ll steal your heart away.


Boyfriend of The Week: July 15th to 21st


Our new boyfriend of the week is Jordan from Two-Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt. Jordan might break your heart, but he has his reasons. He will travel with you across the country. He could become a bit jealous but only if you give him a reason to. Jordan is sweet and will sacrifice his happiness to protect you. He will hold your hand when you need him to and his kisses will drive you wild. Above all, Jordan will make you fall in love with him. Get to know Jordan, he’ll make your heart skip a beat.

Our Boyfriend of the Week June 17th to June 23rd


Our boyfriend for this week is Max from Wilson Mooney, Almost Eighteen by Gretchen de la O. Yes Max is an older man, in fact he could be your teacher if you are lucky enough to go to his school, but as a YA lover you will still fall in love with him. He knows how to make you open up on things that have been bothering you. He’s not only gorgeous he’s also caring and sensitive. Max is attentive to everything you do. And even though he’s forbidden, since he is older and a teacher, you will not be able to stop yourself from falling in love with him in just two days. Get to know Max. He will make you fall in love.


Our Boyfriend of the Week June 10th to June 16th


After taking a few weeks off we are back with our boyfriend of the week. This week our choice is Evan from Bloom by Elizabeth Scott. He might look all bruised up and have grease in his fingernails, but Evan is hot. He’s the quiet guy who sits in your class giving you endless nights of beautiful dreams. Evan is a hard worker and tries his best to do things right. He is the type of guy who will risk being late to work just to drive you home from school. Evan might even make you doubt the relationship you are in now. You can be sure if you give Evan a book when you were kids years later he’ll still have it. His the type of guy you want to kiss all night, and maybe want to dump your boyfriend for. Get to know Evan in Bloom.

Boyfriend of the Week: May 13th to 19th


Our new boyfriend of the week is Nash from Letting Go by Maria E. Monteiro. Nash could be considered the bad boy, but when you get to know him you will know there’s nothing bad about him. He’s the type of guy who will make a school dance three times more special. He will compromise his comfort level to be there for you. Not only does he drive a vintage pickup truck, but he also drives a Harley. Can you say sexy? Nash will be there for you when you really need him, and he will make you feel like the most important person in the world. Nash made us fight over him and Court in Hold on Tight, but in Letting Go he made us all fall in love with him. Get to know Nash, we know you’ll fall in love with him just like we did.