Helping Authors By:

Here at Forever YA Fiction we love to help authors spread the word about their books. We know it’s tough to get word around about your books, and we try to do everything we can to help our favorite people out there (authors). If it wasn’t for authors we wouldn’t have these amazing books to take us away to magical places or make us fall head over heals in love. So we see this as a way to give back to all of you.


First we like to make it clear we are not out to give any book a horrible review. We are happy to say so far we have only given one book a one star review. Sometimes people forget Authors are doing a job. We will never judge a book by the grammar or if you missed a word here or there. All we care about is how the story makes us feel.

If  you would like us to review your book please email us. Do not ask us on our Facebook page or on Twitter. We are not only interested in Young Adult we also like chick-lit and adult books. Every so often we even read a non-fiction book. We do ask you to give us a month for the review. We have a long list of books to read. We will let you know if it will take longer. We only put up one review a week to give the author and the book it’s own week to shine.

If you would like us to review your book we only take ebook or PDF forms. All four of us read each book and this makes it easier for us to do. We all share the same accounts on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Cover reveals are our favorites. We have an obsession with book covers. If you would like us to help reveal your new book cover please email us a picture of your book cover, what day you would like us to put it up and time (Eastern), and if your have a synopsis. Please email us at least three days before you would like us to put it up.


We love to tell the world your book has been released. We will do a blog featuring the book cover, synopsis, and links to where to purchase the book. If you are interested in having us help you celebrate your day please email us all of the above. Please do it no later than three days before your release day.


There’s nothing better than a book trailer to tell us about your book. We love them, but sometimes it’s hard to find new ones in the world of YouTube. So we would love to tell the world about your book trailer. If you have a new book trailer hitting youtube let us know and we will put it up in it’s own blog. All you need to do is email us the YouTube link, book cover, and synopsis. Sorry but we only do it with a YouTube link.


The best way for readers to get to know authors and their new books is in interviews. If  you are interested in being interviewed please let us know by email. We will email you back a list of questions and what to include in your email with your responds.


The characters from your books need a voice too. If you are interested in doing a character interview or post email us. We can send you questions or if you have your own that is fine too. We love to use pictures so if you have one to represent your characters please attach them with your interview or post.


We would love for any author to come over and do a guest blog. We will never tell you what to write about. As long as it doesn’t offend anyone we will be proud to put it up. Just give us at least a week to put it up. Please email us if you are interested.


We love being part of blog tours but we do not chase anyone to be part of them so if you are interested in having us be part of your book tour please contact us by emailing us. Make sure to send us the picture of your banner and the day of our participation. You can pick any of the above to do for your book tour. (Cover reveal, Book release day and Book trailer can be done outside of the book blog tour.) If you want a review please send us your book at least a month before the day of our participation.

By the way we do not mind doing all of these for you we can space them out. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

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