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  1. Hi all 🙂 I am constantly looking for things for my daughter to read. She does not like mystery or para, but most YA seems to be too “old” for her. She’ll be 12 this fall but is a major reader, but we have a hard time in that gap. Most books are too young for her and then you step right over to the boyfriend stuff… any recommendations??? Thanks so much!!

  2. Oh thank you so much! She’s read all but Secret Language and Pink & Green, so she’s going to check those out! (she’s very excited for the recommendation!) I appreciate your time and help! xxoo

  3. Hello, we are spreading the word about John Smelcer’s latest YA novel, Lone Wolves, hitting the shelves in about two weeks. Although it’s aimed at teens, younger kids are a good audience for it as well, and of course adults who love books featuring teens. Wonderful messages about being true to oneself and about Native Alaskan culture, the outdoors, and of course wolves and sled-dog racing. Fantastic adventure tale as well. You can watch a video are read more about the book and the author’s previous books, both YA and adult, at

  4. When I started my book series Onus it was because I had the same issue. My daughter was 11 and reading at a college level. It is extremely hard to find anything for children of that age to read that will keep them interested. While my books to have some forms of romance in them, I writing them so that they start out really slow in that aspect and hopefully grown with the children that read them.

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