What I’ve Done by Jen Naumann

What I’ve Done by Jen Naumann is about a 17 year old girl named Lily Rossow. The story starts off with her coming home from the hospital after trying to commit suicide, to her drug addict mother and little sister Rose. Her mother annouces they are moving to California, taking Lily away from her home only months before her graduation. It is in California that things change. Things that will challenge Lily. She will have choices to make as trying to keep her difficult past behind her. New strangers in her life will help her discover a secrete that will change her life forever.

Our Rating: 5 out of 5 secretive stars.

This was another one of those books we could not put down. The author does an amazing job drawing the reader in. Each character is so well developed. And as you discover the secret, which we cannot reveal, we guarantee your jaw will hit the floor. This book has everything, and will spark every emotion from the reader, from sadness to fear to love. By the way, did we mention this book is also equipped with two very hot guys: Gabe and Eli. Trust us, this book is a must read.

So, get ready to be surprised and read What I’ve Done