Guest Blog by Diane J. Reed

We are excited to bring you our very first guest blogger. Diane J. Reed is the author of Robin in the Hood.


We first met Diane when she emailed us about her book. We were hooked by just reading the synopsis. Our review of Robin in the Hood is coming soon. Now we are excited to let Diane

Stealing Hearts

 Books and movies are filled with couples who commit crimes and live their lives on the run. Just the mention of Bonnie & Clyde conjures up glamorous images of two beautiful bank robbers in the Great Depression who lived their lives free from society’s rules.


Bonnie & Clyde

And then there’s the Sundance Kid and his strikingly beautiful girlfriend Etta Place, two lovers who looked like any upstanding Victorian couple—except for the fact that they were notorious outlaws in cahoots with none other than Butch Cassidy! Could it be that danger was central to their attraction—and perhaps the rush of adrenaline and life on the road became a substitute for love?


Etta Place & The Sundance Kid

In my YA novel Robin in the Hood, pretty boarding-school teenager Robin McArthur suddenly discovers that her family has gone broke and she’ll have to live in a foster home. So she decides to kidnap her dad to hide him from authorities and to rob banks to help make ends meet. But on her first “bank job”, with adrenaline popping and sizzling through her veins, Robin stumbles upon the handsomest criminal she’s ever seen! Here’s what happens in Robin’s words:

I squinted and inched to the left, peering into a particularly dark patch beside the wide tree trunk.

And that’s when I saw him.

Or I guess I should say, he chose to reveal himself.

A tall guy, maybe a year or two older than me, in a black t-shirt and torn, faded jeans. His tangled, sun-bleached hair looked like it had never seen scissors, yet it framed his tan skin and piercing blue eyes like a rugged surfer’s. To my surprise, he flashed a half-smile, making the jagged scar across his cheek press into a dark, thin line, like a dagger. For a second, I wondered if it was a warning—

“You gotta be kidding me,” he shook his head, folding his tattooed arms. “You honestly think you can take on this bank?”

He leaned his tall frame against the tree, appearing amused. Instantly, I could tell from his ripped clothes, sinewy body, and nearly feral gaze that he was pretty much everything Pinnacle had been paid so handsomely to keep out of my reach.



And well within kissing distance—

Without warning, his intense eyes locked on mine as if we were the only two people who’d ever mattered on planet earth.

And all at once, I felt a weight dislodge and explode into a gazillion pieces inside my chest.

This is my heart—

This is my heart on CRACK.

Yes,  ATTRACTION + ADRENALINE prove to be a mighty potent love spell for Robin! But even she understands that such a relationship might be doomed if it’s not based on the real thing. So although she’d love to kiss this devastatingly handsome guy (who she later finds out is named Creek), what she does is use her brains instead. Realizing later in the novel that Creek has more experience at crime than she does, she offers for them to become partners. But there’s only one problem—Robin discovers that Creek is committing these crimes for the very same reason she is: to provide for his family.  Both of them are not in it for the thrills after all, but for LOVE. And it’s that depth of compassion that Robin sees in Creek that truly ends up stealing her heart. Yep, Robin does fall for Creek—hard. And what happens next in the story I’ll let you find out by reading the rest of Robin in the Hood.


But until then, I’d love to hear if you’ve ever been in a situation where someone stole your heart faster than a pickpocket could take your wallet. Was adrenaline and dangerous excitement involved in the situation? Or do you think you just sensed the real thing: a deep reservoir of love in the other person? Can stealing hearts ever turn into an enduring kind of relationship? Maybe with a little extra help from Cupid, such love might really last . . .

We would like to thank Diana for guest blogging this week. Let us know what your thoughts are on love, and don’t forget to check out Robin in the Hood.