Stalk Me by Jillian Dodd

Story: Stalk Me is the first book in a six book series based on Keatyn, who’s mom is a famous actress. Keatyn is living the high school life most of all us would have love to have. She’s beautiful, rich, and popular. She’s is dating a child-star and having a blast with her friends. But then Keatyn begins to realize her life is not that great anymore. Her best friend is no good, and her boyfriend is a drunk she no longer wants to be with. To top everything off her mother has a creepy stalker. She’s begins to believe she becoming a mean girl and things must change. Keaytn life takes a turn and in enters a boat load of boys.

Our rating: 4 out 5 stalking stars.

Review: If you want to read about good looking guys that will take your breath away this is the book for you. We fell in love with Jillian Dodd when we read That Boy. In fact Phillip was our first boyfriend of the week. Now if you are a fan of That Boy and That Wedding, you must know Stalk Me is very different. This book is definitely for a mature YA audience, which we love since we are little older than a the YA audience. Now Keatyn is not our favorite character, in fact we couldn’t stand her. She reminded us of a Paris Hilton. We really did want to like her, but instead we started to want to slap her. We are hoping Jillian Dodd did this so we can see her mature through the next five books. So why did we like this book, you might be asking. Because of the boys!!! There were so many of them and they all have their good traits and their bad traits. Mostly they are all extremely HOT. With so many choice we all did decide we are team Cush, although there was a moment we started to think he was turning into a complete a**. We really hope we read more about him in the next book. Jillian is an amazing writer that really pulls you into a story. We can’t wait to read the next one, Kiss Me.

So get ready to fall in love and read Stalk Me.